Natural Energy Enhancer Supplements To Slow Down Aging

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Shilajit capsules are the best natural energy enhancer supplements to slow down aging process in men and women without any negative effects.

Aging can be triggered by a number of factors including alcohol abuse, smoking, weight gain, exposure to harsh chemicals or radiations, poor diet, stress etc. The situation of multiple body changes in men in 40s can be difficult to identify but the decline in testosterone flow in men above 45 can be noticed due to change in body strength, muscle power, strength in tissues, low motivation and low interest in conjugal activities. There are factors which can affect the endocrine response and certain fitness plans can reduce these aging responses. Alternatively, depression is a secret killer which can affect relationship and happiness.

Most ways adopted by men to handle depression is unhealthy or self-destructive as study says - men in U.S. are 4 times more likely to commit suicide as compared to women. Instead of suffering from such symptoms one can adopt natural ways to feel energetic. Natural energy enhancer supplements have the power to slow down aging and regulate a number of damaging body symptoms.

One of the natural extracts Shilajit capsule is natural exodus collected from mountain layers basically, of vegetative nature. This is gummy latex and there are many claims of its origin and content. The studies claim it is made up of decomposed bryophytes and the minerals in tissues of bryophytes such as iron, copper, silver, zinc etc., can be found in the extract. The main constituent is humus and other organic matter includes the benzoic acid, fatty acids, hippuric acid etc. Fulvic acid is one of the main components that enhance bio availability of minerals and metals found in the gummy resin. This can slow down aging because it can be taken to treat a number of aging inducing factors such as stress, digestive disorders, nervous disorders, anemia, diabetes, kidney stones, genitourinary disorders etc. The components in the natural energy enhancer supplements can reduce adiposity and fat depositions, and if taken with guggul the extract can cure joint pain of osteoarthritis or spondylitis.

In Ayurveda, shilajit is said to be powerful - yogavaha - the term used for agents that enhances the properties of other medicines. Studies found it can increase carbohydrate and protein uptake and decrease the problem of gastric ulcer and issues of mucus barrier. It is potent anti-inflammatory which can reduce pain. Processed extract has strong antioxidant activity where it can stimulate the activities of ascorbic acid and can neutralize free radicals to slow down aging.

The compounds in natural energy enhancer supplements of shilajit can reduce the rate of oxidation and inhibit lipid peroxidation. Processed Shilajit capsules can increase learning and memory power and this was tested on aging albino rats. The tests on normal rats showed the intake of 25, 50 and 100 mg per kg of the extract for six weeks was able to increase epididymus and testes weight in the range of 130 to 378 percent. It could increase testosterone flow by 23 percent in infertile men when 200 mg extract of shilajit was taken for 90 days. Its intervention was able to improve sperm parameters including motility, volume, and count, and can reduce lipid peroxidation in semen.